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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup - Week of April 26th, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of April 26th, 2021

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This week's Java news roundup features news from OpenJDK, point releases for Hibernate, Micronaut, Quarkus and Payara Platform, a status update on JCenter, ManageCat joining the Adoptium Working Group and Payara having been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2021 in the category of international trade.

It was a busy week at OpenJDK related to updates on JEPs and the early release of JDK 17 binaries.

JEP 410, Remove the Experimental AOT and JIT Compiler, targeted for JDK 17, was promoted from Candidate to Integrated status. As recently reported by InfoQ, this JEP will mark "the end of the road for the Graal compiler in OpenJDK. The Experimental JVMCI interface for compilers will still be present in OpenJDK but the Java-in-Java version of Graal will no longer be shipped. Development of the Graal technology will still continue in Oracle's GraalVM project, however."

JEP 413, Code Snippets in Java API Documentation, has been promoted from Draft to Candidate status. This JEP introduces the @snippet tag for Oracle's Standard Doclet, the well-known Java API documentation utility that produces the default HTML-formatted output. The intent is to simplify the inclusion of example source code in API documentation. InfoQ will follow-up with a more detailed news story.

JEP 414, Vector API (Second Incubator), has also been promoted from Draft to Candidate status. This JEP introduces an API to express vector computations that reliably compile at runtime to optimal vector instructions on supported CPU architectures. Initially proposed by JEP 338 and integrated as an incubator module in JDK 16, this JEP incorporates enhancements and performance improvements based on feedback by the Java community.

The early access builds for JDK 17 are now available. JEPs targeted so far in the GA release include:

More details may be found in the release notes and developers are encouraged to report bugs via the Java Bug Database.

It was also a busy week at Hibernate as a number of point releases and release candidates on Hibernate ORM and Hibernate Reactive were made available to the Java community.

Hibernate ORM 5.4.31.Final, a maintenance release, features additional spatial support for MariaDB 10.3+ with the introduction of the MariaDB103SpatialDialect class in the hibernate-spatial module. More details may be found in the release notes.

Hibernate ORM 5.5.0.Alpha1 was released as a work-in-progress to ultimately support the Jakarta Persistence 3.0 specification. New artifacts using the -jakarta suffix (e.g., hibernate-core-jakarta) have been introduced as part of this on-going development.

On the road to Hibernate Reactive 1.0.0, candidate release 4 was introduced featuring important changes such as: the respective close() methods for interfaces Stage.SessionFactory and Mutiny.Session are now reactive; and integration with SmallRye Mutiny 0.16.0 and Hibernate ORM 5.4.31.Final.

Object Computing, Inc. has released Micronaut 2.5 introducing support for JDK 16 and GraalVM 21.1 on Micronaut Launch, improvements to Micronaut Data and improved cloud integration with Oracle Cloud. Further details may be found on the what's new page.

Red Hat has released Quarkus 1.13.3.Final, a maintenance release within the Quarkus 1.13 release train. The change log provides the latest details and a migration guide to version 1.13 is also available.

Responding to the Java community over concerns to sunset JCenter and Bintray, JFrog has updated their original blog to announce that the popular repository will remain open as read-only, writing:

We listened to the community and will keep JCenter as a read-only repository indefinitely. Our customers and the community can continue to rely on JCenter as a reliable mirror for Java packages.

As originally reported by InfoQ, there were instances where assets, legitimately published to MavenCentral, were copied to JCenter with built-in malicious code as described by this particular JFrog incident report. InfoQ will follow-up with a more detailed story.

ManageCat, an open-source middleware company supporting Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE, Apache Web Server and Eclipse GlassFish, has joined the Eclipse Adoptium Working Group as a participant member. They join founding member organizations Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, IBM, iJUG, Karakun AG, Microsoft, New Relic and Red Hat.

Over at Payara, version 5.2021.2 of Payara Platform Community Edition was released featuring: improved support for Jakarta EE 9; a preview of Payara Server Clustering in Kubernetes; and a cleanup of the JBatch execution history. More details may be found in the release notes and this YouTube video. A Payara Platform 2021 Roadmap webinar has been scheduled for May 6th, 2021 for those who may be interested in learning what's on the horizon at Payara.

Payara has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2021 in the category of international trade that recognises companies for excelling in overseas exports. Often referred to as the "knighthood for businesses" award, it's the United Kingdom's most prestigious business award.

Steve Millidge, CEO at Payara, described his thoughts on winning this award, writing:

We're thrilled to win a Queen's Award for International Trade. Payara was born global and has team members in many countries. This award recognises their commitment to the mission of delivering trusted, supported, enterprise software to customers worldwide.

It was a very quiet week over at Spring with their only news coming from the Spring Data team having upgraded their Spring Data examples to Java 16. This includes how to use the var keyword and Java records with Spring Data.

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