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InfoQ Homepage News Find Solutions to Your Software Challenges at QCon Plus

Find Solutions to Your Software Challenges at QCon Plus

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There are less than two weeks remaining to book your spot at the QCon Plus (May 17-28) virtual software development conference. QCon Plus is the place where you can find solutions to your challenges, learn the themes and ideas to help you adopt the right software innovations and practices, and reduce risk and uncertainty on which technologies should be part of your roadmap.

Deep-dive with over 80 domain experts who will share how they are addressing software engineering challenges to help you:

  • Validate which technologies, trends and best practices should be on your radar and which shouldn’t
  • Explore the use cases that innovative software development teams are focusing on in order to help you improve your competitive edge
  • Plan which skills you and your team should be investing in for the future
  • Identify actionable insights you can start working on right now

Keynote Spotlight: Complex Systems: Microservices and Humans by Katharina Probst, Director of Engineering @Google Cloud Platform

Today many companies employ microservices as an effective way to break down their systems into smaller pieces. Microservices are a powerful way to chunk a system by functionality and team, evolving pieces of the system independently, and achieving better abstraction and encapsulation. But microservices come at the cost of running an often complex distributed system.

"In this talk, I will dive into some best practices that we have learned about what it takes to build, evolve, and operate such systems. Learnings from containers and service meshes, DevOps, Chaos & load testing, and proactively planning for growth are all important to success. In addition, we can apply similar thinking to how the human organization comes into play. By paying attention to the interplay between human and software systems and the challenges this interplay presents, we can set both the system and the people that power it up for success."
Katharina Probst, director of engineering @Google Cloud Platform

What to expect at QCon Plus this May 17-28:

  • Deep-dive presentations and talks by domain experts on the current trends and best practices in software development
  • A focus on patterns and practices (not products and pitches)
  • Real-time, live sessions, speaker Q&As and workshops
  • Opportunities to hangout with speakers in informal Zoom conversations
  • Connect with people on the QCon Plus Slack to exchange best practices, get answers to your questions, and learn from each other
  • Pick the sessions you want to attend live over the two weeks, and then bookmark those to watch on-demand after the conference

Join over 2,000 of your peers at QCon Plus. Book your spot before registration closes on May 14th.


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