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InfoQ Homepage News Overcome Cloud & Serverless Security Challenges. Join Security Experts at InfoQ Live - June 22

Overcome Cloud & Serverless Security Challenges. Join Security Experts at InfoQ Live - June 22

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What is DevSecOps? How does it relate to DevOps? And what does it solve? Learn practical advice from world-class DevSecOps and application security professionals at InfoQ Live on Tuesday, June 22nd, about how you can overcome security challenges in the Cloud, especially in serverless architectures.

Register now and you will receive a gift pass that you can share with someone on your team or with a friend. You’ll also get exclusive access to all talks on-demand after the event, allowing you to revisit any of the sessions or watch any of the talks that you missed. 

Learn from world-class software professionals and get real-world advice you can implement. 

eBPF - Superpowers for Cloud Native Operations by Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer @isovalent

eBPF has been called “Superpowers for Linux”.  In this talk, Liz Rice discusses why eBPF is a foundational technology for a new generation of cloud native networking, security and observability tools, and cover questions such as:  

  • What is eBPF?  
  • How is it unleashing a new wave of innovation in the Linux kernel?  
  • How does it enable detailed insights into application behaviour, without having to modify applications in any way?  
  • What can we do with eBPF in the cloud today?    

Even if you’re not a Linux kernel aficionado, you’ll leave this talk with an understanding of how eBPF enables high-performance tools that will help you connect, manage and secure applications in the cloud.

Liz Rice, chief open source officer @isovalent 

DevSecOps: Not the Tools, the Other Bits by Mario Platt, Head of Information Security @CloudMargin & CISO/Exec Advisor

A lot of the conversation around DevSecOps ends up focusing on tools and vendors, failing to provide adequate focus on how the rest of our sociotechnical system is communicating and operating. 

In this talk, I present how to improve and integrate Governance, team practices and maturity development in how output of tools are integrated.

Mario Platt, head of information security @CloudMargin & CISO/exec advisor  

Co-Located Event: InfoQ Roundtable (sponsored)

DevSecOps and Application Security Roundtable Sponsored by NGINX

Without a focus on security, DevOps teams can ship amazing features that enable hackers to steal data quickly - a point often overlooked in the release notes. By integrating security across a pipeline from development to production monitoring, teams can create defensible systems that enable speed while decreasing the risk.

The challenge is in how teams implement this, and also in how different developers understand their role in securing the custom systems and integrations that they design and run. Join this InfoQ panel to hear from different industry leaders who integrate security into DevOps, where they will discuss where their concerns are and how each one is being addressed.

Register for InfoQ Live on June 22nd.


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