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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup - Week of June 7th, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of June 7th, 2021

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This week's roundup features news from OpenJDK and JDK 17 moving to Rampdown Phase One, JDK 18, a new Helidon extension for Visual Studio Code, JFR support in GraalVM native images, Quarkus 1.13 maintenance release, WildFly 24 Beta1, and updates to Spring Framework and Spring Boot.

OpenJDK and JDK 17

In the JDK 17 early access builds, Build 26 features numerous changes from Build 25 that include fixes to various issues.

With its review completed this past week, JEP 415, Context-Specific Deserialization Filters, was promoted from Proposed to Target to Integrated status.

As per the JDK 17 release schedule, Mark Reinhold, chief architect, Java Platform Group at Oracle, formally declared that JDK 17 has entered Rampdown Phase One. This means that the main-line source repository has been forked to the JDK stabilization repository and no additional JEPs will be added for JDK 17. Therefore, the final set of 14 features for the GA release in September include:

More details may be found in the release notes and developers are encouraged to report bugs via the Java Bug Database.

JDK 18

JSR 393, Java SE 18, was submitted this past week to formally announce the six-member expert group for JDK 18, namely Simon Ritter (Azul Systems), Manoj Palat (Eclipse Foundation), Andrew Haley (Red Hat), Christoph Langer (SAP SE), Iris Clark (Oracle) and Brian Goetz (Oracle). Clark and Goetz will serve as the specification leads. Other notable dates at this time include a public review from December 2021 through February 2022 and the GA release in March 2022.


Oracle Labs has announced the creation of a new Helidon extension that will allow developers to generate, develop and execute a Project Helidon application through Visual Studio Code, the free IDE developed by Microsoft. InfoQ will follow-up with a detailed news story on how Visual Studio Code is making an impact in the Java community.

JFR and GraalVM

Roman Kennke, principal software engineer at Red Hat, has announced that Red Hat and Oracle have collaborated to provide initial support of Java Flight Recorder (JFR) in GraalVM native images. First introduced in November 2020, it will be possible for GraalVM native images to monitor and profile application performance.

Quarkus 1.13 Release Train

Red Hat has released Quarkus 1.13.7.Final, providing the last round of bug fixes in the Quarkus 1.13 release train before the anticipated GA release of Quarkus 2.0 at the end of June 2021.

The Road to WildFly 24.0.0

Red Hat also made available the first beta preview release of WildFly 24.0.0 with a focus on improving how WildFly will run on JDK 16 and the JDK 17 early access builds. Work will also continue on bug fixes from WildFly 23.0.2, the release candidate for Jakarta EE 9.1 certification. More details may be found in the release notes.

Spring Framework

Spring Framework 5.3.8 has been released featuring 35 bug fixes and improvements including: ensuring that resources are closed with applications using an instance of the HttpComponentsClientHttpConnector class; deprecate and remove internal APIs defined in the spring-jdbc and spring-r2dbc dependencies under the ScriptUtils class that were inadvertently made public; and removing a warning generated by the jackson-module-kotlin dependency.

Multiple versions of Spring Boot, version 2.5.1, version 2.4.7 and version 2.3.12.RELEASE were made available this past week featuring bug fixes, documentation improvements and dependency upgrades.

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