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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Live August 17th: Deep-Dive in Cloud Native, CI/CD, Service Mesh, and More

InfoQ Live August 17th: Deep-Dive in Cloud Native, CI/CD, Service Mesh, and More

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Practically every development team would benefit from building and running applications that use the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model. This August 17th at InfoQ Live software leaders dive into topics such as service mesh, CI/CD, cloud native best practices and pitfalls, and more. Join them and book your spot now for just $19.95.

InfoQ Live Session Spotlights

Deploying Service Mesh in Production by Christian Posta, Global Field CTO @soloio_inc 

Deciding whether or not to use a service mesh and understanding the value/complexity tradeoff is step one when exploring service-mesh technology. 

Christian Posta has been helping organizations adopt this technology as a practitioner and architect for the last three (or more) years. In this session he will share practical guidance on how to adopt a service mesh in your organization, including separating out control plane and data plane, plugging in with observability tools, leveraging gateways appropriately, rolling out mTLS safely, and overall preparing for troubleshooting and debugging. This talk will include a lot of live demos to illustrate the concepts.

Nine Ways To Fail At Cloud Native by Senior Technical Staff Member & Innovation Leader @IBM Holly Cummins.

Cloud native is the perfect recipe for innovation, adaptability, and engineering excellence. Right? Well, when it goes right. When it goes wrong, sometimes it's monster spaghetti, sometimes it's a quality headache, and - worst of all - sometimes it's exactly as clunky and slow-to-change as what it's replacing. As a consultant, Holly gets to see really good practices and also the anti-patterns; in this talk, she'll share stories of what happens when things go wrong.

InfoQ Live is focused on real-world advice you can implement. By joining us you can expect:

  • Best practices and lessons learned on how world-class software professionals solved common challenges.
  • Live interactive Q&As with the speakers to get answers to your questions.
  • Practical ways to guide your problem-solving approach.

Book your spot at InfoQ Live on August 17th. If you register you'll get exclusive access to all talks on-demand

*We are donating 100% of net ticket revenue for this event to organizations working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology industry.

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