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InfoQ Homepage News Google Is Aiming to Train 40 Million People with Google Cloud Skills Boost

Google Is Aiming to Train 40 Million People with Google Cloud Skills Boost

Recently Google announced Google Cloud Skills Boost, a new learning initiative for online learning, skills development, and certifications, managed and delivered directly. 

Digital transformation has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple industries around the globe are in the midst of that transformation, and workloads are pushed towards the cloud.  With more deployments in the cloud, more skilled people are necessary. Moreover, to ensure enough capable people are available, Google launched the Google Cloud Skills Boost.

People looking to learn more about the capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform can have access to more than 700 hands-on labs, role-based courses, skill badges, and certification resources, including 16 new learning paths available on-demand globally on Google Cloud Skills Boost. The content is currently in both English and Japanese, and the company plans to add support for additional languages moving forward.

Rochana Golani, managing director, Google Cloud Learning Services, stated in a Google Cloud blog post on Skills Boost:

Because innovation happens fast in the cloud, our teams will continue to update content and release new labs and courses each month.

Google Cloud Skills Boost offers various learning paths ranging from Kubernetes to Machine Learning and Cloud Healthcare API. Moreover, users can personalize their learning paths, track progress, and validate their newly-earned expertise with Google Cloud skill badges that will show employers their proficiency in highly-demanded skills.


Drew Bradstock, product director for Kubernetes at Google, tweeted:

This is a great initiative for people around the globe to increase their cloud skills, and their career prospects.  Lots of great Kubernetes content their too so check it out.  

Other public cloud providers like Microsoft and AWS also offer learning capabilities. For example, Microsoft Learn offers various learning paths and modules for free on Azure. Furthermore, on-demand training is available through the partner hub portal. And AWS training with the goal to train 25 million people by 2025. 

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, tweeted:

It’s critical we equip the next generation of cloud leaders with the skills they need to grow their careers, which is why we launched our Google Cloud Skills Boost to train more than 40 million people.

Lastly, people can now sign up for Google Cloud Skills Boost and register for the upcoming Cloud Learn event – which will offer three role-based tracks to choose from, covering everything from Google Cloud fundamentals to more intensive Google Cloud certification preparation.

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