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InfoQ Homepage News MicroStream 6.0 Supports JDK 17, Spring Boot and Helidon

MicroStream 6.0 Supports JDK 17, Spring Boot and Helidon

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MicroStream, the JVM data storage engine providing in-memory storage to fully or partially persist and restore Java object graphs, has released version 6.0 featuring added support for Java 17, Spring Boot integration, Deep-copy utility and the elimination of various bugs.

Also, Helidon, one of the leading open-source frameworks for Java microservices developed by Oracle, in the new release 2.4, included integration with MicroStream 6.0 for both Helidon MP and Helidon SE.

Spring Boot integration comes with a new configuration layer, it is available within this artifact:


However, this is not a full integration with Spring Boot. For example, working with Spring Data is not suitable since MicroStream is not an ORM framework.

MicroStream also introduced a new ObjectCopier utility for deep copy objects. In a Java application, the work is often done by getting some data from a data source, modifying it, and then storing it back in a data store. The standard copy, however, performs a shallow copy, meaning that data is copied, referencing the same initial object. With this new deep copy utility, MicroStream provides a way to create a completely new object with copied data.

Concurrent with the release of MicroStream 5.0, the company also announced that their Java persistence framework is also open source. Markus Kett, CEO and co-founder of MicroStream, speaking with InfoQ in a recent Q&A, stated:

As many Java User Groups around the world gave us the chance to introduce MicroStream to their members, many Java developers were keen on getting MicroStream as open source. After we open-sourced MicroStream, we received great feedback.

Migration from version 5 is straightforward and no modifications are necessary.

First introduced in April 2019, MicroStream is a persistence engine for storing any kind of Java object for example lists and collections as well as any document. It is similar to Java built-in serialization but much more powerful. It can persist, load or update object graphs partially and on-demand, contrary to Java serialization that can persist only complete object graphs. It is also very efficient, both size- and performance-wise.

MicroStream is available in two editions: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is open source and contains all core features as well as data storage connectors for PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and plain file storage. In addition, it could be used commercially. All other supported data storage connectors are part of the Enterprise Edition as well as an update warranty of eight years.

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