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AWS Launches a New Console Home Page to Manage Cloud Resources

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Recently, AWS launched a version of the AWS Management Console. Through the home page of the console, customers can have access to each service console, and it offers a single place to access the information they need to perform their AWS related tasks.

AWS has now revamped its interface with a new console home page. The earlier version of the console showed the most recently used services and a set of static links organized in sections, such as Getting Started with AWS, Build a Solution, or Explore AWS with links to training courses. Yet, based on customer feedback and usage data, the company decided to redesign the console's home page.
The new home page shows widgets - by default, the Recently visited, Welcome to AWS, AWS Health, Cost and usage, Build a Solution, Trusted Advisor, and Explore AWS. However, these widgets can be moved and rearranged through the Actions button. Furthermore, widgets can be added – currently only the Favorites. However, the company stated more will be added soon. 


Dennis Traub, a developer advocate at Amazon Web Services, tweeted:

The new AWS Management Console Home just saved me $78 a month by showing me the cost forecast, right there on the main page, without me having to remember to check the billing console. This is customer obsession at its best.

In addition, Sébastien Stormacq, a principal developer advocate at Amazon Web Services, stated in the News blog post on the new home page:

As usual, we pay attention to the importance of not disturbing existing workflows and habits. You can use the new Console Home after opt-in. You can revert back to the old console home with a simple click.

Cloud providers offer a browser-based user interface (web application) to access and manage cloud resources. For example, Microsoft offers customers the Azure Portal, a web-based, unified console that provides access to their Azure subscription to manage resources using a graphical user interface. In addition, it includes easy access to cost management, trusted advisor similar to the widget on the AWS home page. Furthermore, Google Cloud offers customers a console to access and manage their services, which is also customizable.

A respondent on a Reddit thread on the AWS Home console commented:

Been using AWS for over a decade now, the UI definitely needs improvement and console home is really a coverup job. However after using GCP console, I would gladly switch back to AWS, GCP should probably replace the UI with a terminal which would be better.

Lastly, the new Console Home is available in all AWS Regions at no additional cost.

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