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QCon Software Development Conferences: Seven Tracks Not to Miss

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Why are micro-frontends important? How should you optimise your organisational architecture for speed and flow? How to make microservices successful? Have you ever wondered how well-known tech companies can seamlessly deliver an exceptional user experience while supporting millions of users and billions of transactions? Looking for new processes and best software practices? 

Get the answer to these questions at the upcoming QCon Software Development Conferences, in-person at QCon London (April 4-6), or online at QCon Plus (May 10-20). If you’re a software architect, senior engineer or team lead, you won’t want to miss these stand-out tracks :

Current Trends in Frontends

This track will look at frontend development from the practitioners’ perspective. Speakers from all over the world with decades of experience in frontend development will share their take on specific topics like webpack, mobile development, micro-frontends architecture, and React. Get practical insights from domain experts and learn best practices for delivering successful front-end applications. 

Optimising for Speed & Flow

The patterns and heuristics that enable fast flow and rapid evolution of modern software systems can seem strange and baffling to people familiar with slower, project-based delivery. This track will explore decision-making and sense-making techniques, inter-team dynamics, employee-empowering social practices, and tool-enabled technical practices that help to optimise software architecture and organisational architecture for speed and flow. 

Effective Microservices: What It Takes to Get the Most out of This Approach

In this track, we bring you early adopters' insights and experience, with a particular focus on how to set up your organisation to make microservices successful and also to design security into your microservices from day zero. Plus, we will explore what it takes to successfully go from a monolith to microservices, and what you need to do to fight entropy as your microservice system matures.

Staff-Plus Engineer Path

In this track, we will discuss what is expected from a Staff-Plus engineer. This includes exploring the leadership skills needed, the secrets to following this path, how companies can be prepared to support Staff-Plus engineers, and why the future of our industry depends on it. 

Modern Data Pipelines & DataMesh

In this track, you will learn about processes and best practices for complex data systems - the good, the bad, and the hopefully bright future. Join us as we explore the data mesh, data lifecycle management, and modern data pipelines paradigms and walk away with actionable best practices to improve both your data product and the lives of your colleagues. 

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

In QCon's marquee Architectures track, you will learn what it takes to operate at a large scale from well-known names in our industry. You will take away hard-earned architectural lessons on these next-gen architectures, patterns and anti-patterns, best practices, challenges, and exciting experiences. 

Modern Java

In this track, we will explore the ways modern Java can make our life better … once we know where to look. We’ll see what’s new and what’s on the horizon in the Java language. We’ll also hear from practitioners about what’s giving them headaches and, most importantly, how they fixed it. 

What is the difference between QCon London VS QCon Plus?

QCon gives you the option to attend the conferences in-person at QCon London (April 4-6) or virtual at QCon Plus (May 10-20). 

Most of the speakers and sessions will be the same for both events, but the presentation format will have some differences. More specifically:

  • QCon London sessions are presented live in-person; they are followed by 5-10 min of Q&A as time allows, for a total duration of 50 minutes.
  • QCon Plus presentations consist of shorter recorded presentations followed by 10-15 min of live Q&A with the speaker for a total duration of 40 minutes. Attendees can also ask questions to the speaker in the chat during the presentation.

You can find more details about the QCon Plus agenda and the QCon London agenda.

QCon London ticket includes various opportunities of in-person networking and peer sharing, access to exhibition areas, continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks every day. You can find more details about what’s included in each conference ticket on the QCon London and QCon Plus registration page.

Book your spot now! Attend in-person at QCon London (April 4-6) or virtual at QCon Plus (May 10-20).

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