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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Launches the Public Preview of Dynatrace for Azure as a SaaS Solution in Their Marketplace

Microsoft Launches the Public Preview of Dynatrace for Azure as a SaaS Solution in Their Marketplace

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Microsoft recently announced Dynatrace for Azure, a natively integrated software (SaaS) solution from Dynatrace available in preview in the Azure Marketplace.

Dynatrace for Azure results from a close collaboration between Microsoft and Dynatrace, allowing customers to create a new Dynatrace environment in Azure without having to manage the setup and infrastructure. Furthermore, customers can ship logs and metrics to Dynatrace, easily install Dynatrace OneAgent on virtual machines (VMs) and App Services and leverage the single sign-on to access the Dynatrace SaaS portal and get consolidated billing for the Dynatrace service through Azure Marketplace.

Customers can acquire Dynatrace for Azure through the Marketplace and then create a Dynatrace resource in the Azure portal and manage it. 


The key capabilities available in Dynatrace for Azure include continuous, automatic discovery and observability across the full stack with the OneAgent, automatic, real-time topology mapping with context through smartscape, self-healing, and automation with Davis AI, and distributed tracing and visibility down to code-level with purepath.

Since July 2021, Microsoft lowered the marketplace transaction fee from 20 percent to 3 percent in an effort to help partners keep more of their margin to invest in their growth. As a result, more products become available on the Marketplace. Next to the Dynatrace offering, Microsoft also released another partner product recently as a SaaS solution in their marketplace with NGINX for Azure in preview.

In a tech community blog post by Prachi Bora, principal lead product manager, Azure DevEx & Partner Ecosystem, said:

We have found that customers who build on the Azure cloud rely not only on Azure services, but also use services that are provided by our partners. One such case where partner services are commonly used is observability. When failures occur in these complex environments, development teams need a good observability solution such as Dynatrace, to obtain insights and determine the root cause.

In addition, Jay Gurbani, senior manager, Cloud Technical Alliance sat Dynatrace, stated in a Dynatrace news blog post

Now it’s easier than ever for Dynatrace and Microsoft joint customers to use Dynatrace’s deep cloud observability, continuous runtime application security, and advanced AIOps capabilities in Microsoft Azure and multi-cloud environments.

Lastly, more details are available on the documentation page and through the quickstart guide.

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