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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Launches the Public Preview of NGINX for Azure as a SaaS Solution in Their Marketplace

Microsoft Launches the Public Preview of NGINX for Azure as a SaaS Solution in Their Marketplace

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Microsoft recently announced NGINX for Azure, a natively integrated software (SaaS) solution with advanced traffic management and monitoring. The service is available in preview on the Azure Marketplace.

NGINX for Azure results from a close collaboration between Microsoft and F5, the company behind the open-source solution Nginx – one of the most widely used traffic managers. The fully-managed Nginx offering Azure provides a simplified developer experience for deployment, management, billing, and support. 

The Azure integration provides easy provisioning and configuration through a couple of steps in the Azure portal. Users can leverage advanced traffic management features, such as JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication and active health checks, with built-in security integrations like Azure Key Vault for SSL/TLS certificate management.


On a Tech Community blog post about the Nginx for Azure preview, Rohit Tatachar, a principal PM at Microsoft, stated:

The service integrates the Nginx SaaS offering into the Azure infrastructure (Control Plane). Via this integration, you will be able to provision a new Nginx service and configure your Azure resources to leverage Nginx as a reverse proxy/load balancer.

Furthermore, users can also bring their existing Nginx configuration file (single or multiple files) and apply it directly to Ngnix for Azure or through the CI-CD pipelines via GitHub integrations. 

Overall, the goal of the offering is to make the Nginx easier to use. Chris Guzikowski, product marketing manager, NGINX at F5, stated in an Nginx blog post:

First and foremost, NGINX Plus is no longer an "external" solution. NGINX for Azure unleashes the power of NGINX Plus entirely within your Azure environment, reducing the overall complexity of your stack.

In addition, Jeff Giroux, a global solutions architect at F5, explains in an F5 Community article the benefit of using Nginx for Azure:

F5 NGINX for Azure removes the burden of having to deploy your own NGINX Plus cluster, install libraries, upgrade, and other tasks. Whether you are an existing or new NGINX customer, this means speed and simplicity with no IaaS to manage. This ease of use means there is no need for expert knowledge, and this is especially compelling for customers new to NGINX.

Pricing for NIGNX for Azure starts at $0.01, and more pricing details are available on the pricing page. Furthermore, details on the SaaS offering itself are available on the documentation landing page.

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