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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup: NetBeans 14, End-of-Life for Spring Tool Suite 3, Hibernate 6.1, TornadoVM

Java News Roundup: NetBeans 14, End-of-Life for Spring Tool Suite 3, Hibernate 6.1, TornadoVM

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This week's Java roundup for June 13th, 2022, features news from JDK 19, JDK 20, Spring Framework 5.3.21, Spring CVE-2022-22979 report, Spring Cloud 2022.0.0-M3, Spring Tools 4.15, end-of-life for Spring Tool Suite 3, Hibernate 6.1.0-Final, Apache NetBeans 14, Apache Tomcat 8.5.81, Piranha 22.6.0, TornadoVM 0.14, JDKMon updates, JobRunr 5.1.4, JReleaser early-access.

JDK 19

Build 27 of the JDK 19 early-access builds was made available this past week, featuring updates from Build 26 that include fixes to various issues. More details may be found in the release notes.

JDK 20

Build 2 of the JDK 20 early-access builds was also made available this past week, featuring updates from Build 1 that includes fixes to various issues. Release notes are not yet available.

For JDK 19 and JDK 20, developers are encouraged to report bugs via the Java Bug Database.

Spring Framework

Spring Framework 5.3.21 has been released which ships with new features such as: expose the queue size and capacity from the ThreadPoolTaskExecutor class for metrics; lazily initialize the DataSize.PATTERN field to avoid unnecessary eager initialization; and support for the cglib BeanCopier class on JDK 17. Along with bug fixes and improvements in documentation, this latest version also includes an upgrade to Project Reactor 2020.0.20. More details on this release may be found in the release notes.

VMware has announced that support for the heritage Spring Tool Suite 3, created by Torsten Jürgeleit and Christian Dupuis in 2004, has come to an end after more than 18 years. Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse Visual Studio Code and Theia, introduced in December 2017, will now serve as the standard IDE for Spring developers. InfoQ will follow up with a more detailed news story.

Spring Tools 4.15.0 has been released featuring an updated Eclipse 2022-06 and a number of bug fixes and improvements. As a follow up to Spring Tools 4.15.0, version 4.15.1 has also been released this past week to deliver improvements related to Spring Boot and not being able to extract the new version via the spring-tool-suite-4-4.15.0.RELEASE-e4.24.0-win32.win32.x86_64.self-extracting.jar file on Windows 11. Further details on these releases may be found in the release notes for version 4.15.0 and version 4.15.1, respectively.

VMware has published CVE-2022-22979, Spring Cloud Function Dos Vulnerability, a vulnerability that caused a denial of service condition due to a caching issue in the Function Catalog component of Spring Cloud Function 3.2.5 and below. Spring Cloud Function 3.2.6 has resolved this vulnerability.

On the road to Spring Cloud 2022.0.0, the third milestone release, codenamed Kilburn, has been made available that includes a few breaking changes and dependency upgrades to corresponding M3 releases on Spring Cloud sub projects such as: Stream, Config, Kubernetes and Gateway. More details on this release may be found in the release notes.


Hibernate ORM 6.1.Final has been released which ships with new features such as: support for subselects/subqueries, including lateral subqueries, in the FROM clause of HQL and Criteria queries; basic arrays and collections may now be mapped to database ARRAY types if possible, or alternatively JSON/XML types; a new @ConverterRegistration annotation that provides the ability to extract the definition of auto-applying an AttributeConverter<X,Y> interface outside of the converter itself; and a new domain model mapping XML Schema Definition (XSD) that combines features of the JPA 3.1 orm.xml and Hibernate hbm.xml formats. This last feature is still incubating.

Apache NetBeans

The Apache Software Foundation has released Apache NetBeans 14 with new features and fixes such as: additional support for JDK 17; numerous fixes related to Gradle; a new Explorer Manager for cloud services; support for the CompletableFuture class in DialogDisplayer; and a dependency upgrade to JAX-B 2.3.5. Further details on this release may be found in the release notes. InfoQ will follow up with a more detailed news story.

According to the release schedule, developers can expect versions 15 and 16 in August and November, respectively.

Apache Tomcat

The Apache Software Foundation has also released Apache Tomcat 8.5.81 which ensures that changes made to a request by the RemoteIPValve class persist after the request is put into asynchronous mode; corrects a regression in support added for the encrypted PKCS#1 formatted private keys from the previous release that broke support for unencrypted PKCS#1 formatted private keys; increases the default buffer size for cluster messages from 43800 to 65536 bytes that is expected to improve performance for large messages when running on Linux-based systems; and ensures that flushing the buffers attempts to empty all of the output buffers when using TLS with non-blocking writes and the NIO connector. More details on this release may be found in the changelog.


Piranha 22.6.0 has been released. Dubbed the "Slowly, but surely" edition for June 2022, this release includes: add quickstart verbiage to the file on how to launch a Piranha Micro application; lower the stale code threshold to 140 days; change the sleep time to one minute to allow Piranha to settle before a TCK test; and allow the DefaultResourceClassManagerLoader to be more forgiving. Further details on this release may be found in their documentation and issue tracker.


TornadoVM, an open-source software technology company, has released TornadoVM version 0.14 that ships with new features and improvements such as: integration with the Graal 22.1.0 JIT compiler; support for Azul Zulu JDK; OpenCL 2.1 as a default target for the OpenCL Backend; and new device memory management for addressing the memory allocation limitations of OpenCL.

Juan Fumero, research associate, Advanced Processor Technologies Research Group at The University of Manchester, introduced TornadoVM at QCon London in March 2020 and has since contributed this more recent InfoQ technical article.


Versions 17.0.28, 17.0.27 and 17.0.26 of JDKMon, a tool that monitors and updates installed JDKs, has been made available to the Java community this past week. Created by Gerrit Grunwald, principal engineer at Azul, these new versions ship with: an update to the latest version of DiscoClient; and improvements to updating packages, checking for updates and online checks.


Ronald Dehuysser, founder and primary developer of JobRunr, a utility to perform background processing in Java, has released version 5.1.4 with: the ability to generate the necessary SQL migrations so they can be embedded in a Flyway database migration; specify a page request size configuration for scheduled, orphaned and succeeded jobs; and allow customization of the BackgroundJobPerformer class to be extensible.


On the road to version 1.1.0, an additional early-access release of JReleaser, a Java utility that streamlines creating project releases, has been made available to include dependency upgrades to: AssertJ 3.23.1, jsoup 1.15.1, Mockito 4.6.1, AWS SDK for Java 1.12.242 and Jackson to 2.13.3.

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