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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco: Tracks Announced Including Green Tech, Microservices, API, MLOps and More

QCon San Francisco: Tracks Announced Including Green Tech, Microservices, API, MLOps and More

Ask any technical leader and they will say that it is always important to catch up on the new software trends, best practices and skills most in-demand in the industry. And it is especially valuable to learn actionable insights from those working on real-world projects. QCon San Francisco (Oct 24-28), powered by InfoQ, brings together the world's most innovative senior software engineers, architects and team leads across multiple domains to share their real-world implementation of emerging trends and practices. 

Tracks at QCon San Francisco

The conference is built to accelerate your learning with thoughtfully curated, focused technical sessions featuring 15 major software topics, 75 technical talks, 60+ speakers and 4 keynotes. QCon San Francisco will deep-dive into:

  • Practical Security
  • Effective SRE
  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About
  • Architecting for Change at Scale
  • Modern APIs: Building and Evolving
  • Green Tech
  • Operating Microservices
  • Green Tech
  • "Just" Engineering Culture
  • Staff+ Engineer Path
  • Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow
  • Languages of Infra: beyond YAML
  • Rethinking our Relationship with the Frontend
  • Building Modern Backends
  • "Before & After": Hybrid Work Strategies
  • MLOps

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Coming soon: 15 workshops over 2 days

QCon isn't just about the conference. In addition to the 3-day conference, we will have 2 days of workshops offering more intensive technology-focused deep dives. We will be announcing our workshops shortly.

Why attend QCon San Francisco?

Here are 7 reasons why previous attendees have joined the QCon conferences:

  • Problem-solving and getting answers to your software challenges from real-world technical talks. Share experiences and common challenges with peers and speakers to learn how they have solved similar issues.
  • Level-up your skills and empower your teams on the practices and trends that matter the most right now to focus their development.
  • Collaborative learning. Many attendees join as a team, which helps them with team bonding and sharing insights learned. Connect with colleagues you might not have seen for some time (or have not had the chance to meet yet). 
  • Maximize insights from the world’s most innovative senior software engineers across multiple domains. Divide and conquer the agenda to get the most value out of the conference.
  • Bring new ideas back to your organization validated by your peers to shape your software decisions, workflows, and roadmap. Share key takeaways, use cases, and best practices with the wider team over a ‘lunch and learn’ or in team sessions.
  • Foster a culture of learning, growth, and mastery. Inspire and excite passion around like-minded professionals. Get motivated by professionals focusing on development and solving complex software problems.
  • Save with group discounts. Teams as small as 3 attendees working for the same company are eligible for a group discount. Check out the exclusive savings we have

Curated learning set by senior software leaders

Behind every QCon is a Program Committee of senior software leaders who curate the essential topics you need to know about. Meet the QCon San Francisco 2022 Program Committee:

  • Karen Casella: director of engineering for Product Edge Systems @Netflix
  • Wes Reisz: technical principal @thoughtworks & creator/co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previously platform architect @VMware
  • Randy Shoup: engineering and chief architect @eBay
  • Katharina Probst: director of engineering @Google Cloud Platform
  • Josh Wills: software engineer @WeaveGrid
  • Justin Cormack: CTO @Docker

What has always stood out for me has been QCon's commitment to its brand promises. First of all, it's focused on practitioner content. QCon conferences are all about the people who develop and work with future technologies. This starts from the Programming Committee, which comprises practitioners that are authorities in their domain.” - Wes Reisz, QCon Plus chair, co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, & senior engineer @VMware

QCon San Francisco provides a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time learning from software leaders in order to help you adopt the right set of technologies and practices.

Take advantage of the early bird and save $150 before June 27th. Register Now!

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