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InfoQ Homepage News AWS Announced New Feature Fine-Grained Visual Embedding for Amazon QuickSight

AWS Announced New Feature Fine-Grained Visual Embedding for Amazon QuickSight

Recently, AWS announced a new feature, Fine-Grained Visual Embedding, for its cloud-scale business intelligence (BI) service Amazon QuickSight allowing customers to embed individual visualizations from Amazon QuickSight dashboards in high-traffic webpages and applications.

With Amazon QuickSight, customers can seamlessly integrate interactive dashboards, natural language querying (NLQ), or the entire BI-authoring experience into their applications –making data-informed decisions easier for their end users. The new Fine-Grained Visual Embedding feature will allow them to embed any visuals from dashboards into their applications.


If visuals are updated or source data changes, embedded visuals are automatically updated, and as website traffic grows, they are automatically scaled. Data access is secured by row-level security that ensures users can only access their own data.

There are two ways for users to leverage the Fine-Grained Visual Embedding: either by the so-called 1-Click Embedding, or QuickSight APIs to generate the embed URL. 1-Click Embedding is intended for nontechnical users to generate embed code that can be inserted directly into internal portals or public sites. In contrast, ISVs and developers can embed rich visuals in their applications using the APIs.

For 1-Click Embedding, there are two types: 1-Click Enterprise Embedding, which allows users to enable access to the dashboard with registered users in their account, and public embedding, where users can allow access to the dashboards for anyone.

In addition to 1 Click Embedding, users can perform visual embedding through the API - using the AWS CLI or SDK to call the API GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser (embedding visuals in an application for users without provisioning them in Amazon QuickSight) or GenerateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUser (embedding visuals in an application for users that are provisioned in Amazon QuickSight). When calling the API, users will have to pass the Dashboard, Sheet, and Visual IDs, which are available in the menu section for the selected visual.


Tracy Daugherty, general manager of Amazon QuickSight at AWS, told InfoQ:

Customers love that Amazon QuickSight makes it easy to perform and share advanced analytics without data science or infrastructure management expertise. With Fine-Grained Visual Embedding Powered by Amazon QuickSight, we are now making it even easier for customers to deliver powerful insights to users where they need them the most—from high-traffic webpages and applications to internal portals—with the simple click of a button.

Currently, the Fine-Grained Visual Embedding feature is available in Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition in all supported regions. Furthermore, pricing details of Amazon QuickSight are available on the pricing page.

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