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CockroachDB Serverless Now Generally Available


Cockroach Labs, a computer software company that develops commercial database management systems, recently announced the general availability of its serverless database. In addition, the company also announced integrations with HashiCorp's Vault and Terraform.

Cockroach Labs designed CockroachDB serverless as a database that provides the right amount of capacity without operational overhead and overspending – typical for serverless products. The serverless database is an on-demand relational database that combines a PostgreSQL interface with consumption-based elastic scaling and pricing.

Earlier, the company released CockroachDB serverless in beta in October last year. Since the product received several improvements, such as change data capture (CDC), backup and restore, a management API, and a 99.99% uptime SLA. And now, it is generally available for customers to leverage the service for new applications.

In a tweet, the company, for instance, explains the back and restore capability:

CockroachDB serverless automatically backs up your data every hour. So now, you can view a list of all your backups, and restore from any of these backups, in the event you need it.

In addition, customers can use CockroachDB Molt (Migrate Off Legacy Technology), a preview service that makes it easier and faster to migrate from other databases to CockroachDB. The service also includes a new schema conversion tool capable of identifying and fixing incompatibilities between the source database and CockroachDB.

Source (screenshot):

Lastly, the company brings new integrations with CockroachDB serverless, such as:

  • A new Vercel integration (in preview), an open-source framework for the React programming language allowing developers to build and deploy web applications written in that language without any configuration, management, or maintenance
  • HashiCorp Terraform integration with the management API to automate resource provisioning and infrastructure workflow support
  • and support for HashiCorp Vault’s Dynamic Secrets for CockroachDB dedicated and serverless to simplify the management of database credentials & encryption keys security.

Nate Stewart, chief product officer at Cockroach Labs, said in a Cockroach blog post on the GA release:

We built a serverless version of CockroachDB to give you the relational database of the future. Like a next-generation PostgreSQL, with consumption-based, truly elastic scaling and pricing. Don’t ever worry about provisioning, deployment, maintenance, scaling, or high availability again.

More details on CockroachDB serverless are available in the FAQs and QuickStart. Furthermore, pricing wise CockroachDB serverless includes a forever-free storage tier of up to 5GB, and all developers have access to 250M RUs per month.

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