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InfoQ Homepage News JetBrains Previews Aqua, New Test Automation-Oriented IDE

JetBrains Previews Aqua, New Test Automation-Oriented IDE

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JetBrains Aqua, now available in preview, is a new IDE focusing on test automation and integrating a number of distinct tools that are at the core of an automation engineer's daily routine, says JetBrains. Its features include multi-language support, an HTTP client and a Web inspector, database management, integrated Docker support, and more.

For multi-language support, Aqua leverages JetBrains' language-aware code completion, inspection, and refactoring technology that is used in others of its IDEs.

JetBrains Aqua is an intelligent, context-aware IDE that understands Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, and SQL and provides intelligent coding assistance for each of them.

Aqua also supports the most common unit test frameworks, including JUnit, TestNG, Pytest, Jest, Mocha, and others. This allows you to write, run, and debug your unit tests as well as review test results from Aqua and jump from the result window to the test definitions. Aqua includes test statistics and code coverage analysis, too.

Besides unit testing, Aqua provides supports for UI tests on both the JVM stack and the Web. This includes support for Selenium API and Selenide for CSS, XPath, and JavaScript. In a future release, JetBrains plans to add support for Cypress and Playwright Additionally, Aqua includes an integrated Web inspector that can generate unique CSS or XPath locators for page elements that can be used to automate tests. The Web inspector is also able to suggest and highlight locators for the most important page elements.

For network application using HTTP, Aqua includes a built-in HTTP client able to create and edit requests and providing support for code completion, highlighting, and refactoring. The tool is integrated with OpenAPI to enable API discovery.

On the database front, Aqua supports all major databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and others, which can be accessed directly from the IDE to run queries, export data, and manage schemas. Furthermore, you can develop SQL scripts and perform low-level data assertions to verify application data.

As a final note, Aqua supports connecting to external test management systems (TMS), such as TestRail and the Allure Framework, which are used to annotate tests, link them to reporting tools, issue repositories, etc.

It supports browsing test suites and case hierarchies, as well as navigation for TMS items. It also generates unit tests for selected test scenarios and helps you find non-automated test cases or obsolete test methods.

For smaller projects, Aqua offers a "Local TMS" feature where test data is stored and managed locally in project files.

As mentioned, Aqua is available in preview and can be downloaded from JetBrains website.

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