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InfoQ Homepage News Snyk Announces General Availability of Snyk Cloud and Enhancements to its Platform

Snyk Announces General Availability of Snyk Cloud and Enhancements to its Platform


Snyk, a developer security platform, recently announced the general availability of their cloud security tool, Snyk Cloud, and improvements to their platform. Extending support for software bill of materials (SBOM), the improvements include new reporting capabilities and self-service resources.

Snyk Cloud was first announced in July 2022 with limited availability. Using Snyk Cloud, developers can identify cloud security issues early when designing cloud configurations. With a Unified Policy Engine, developers can apply the same security rules to infrastructure as code (IaC) files and runtime cloud resources. Snyk Cloud can scan the code, containers, and third-party dependencies as well. There are live insights from the organization’s cloud in a centralized UI.

Source: SnykLaunch recap: Snyk Cloud, SBOM & reporting capabilities, and customer solutions resources | Snyk

Manoj Nair, chief product officer at Snyk said,

We built the industry’s leading developer security platform to help companies embrace the business critical transformation of DevSecOps and reap its many benefits. We’re committed to continually improving and evolving the platform to ensure that developers, security engineering and cloud operation teams are able to effectively collaborate to both increase their security posture and speed of innovation.

Building on the idea that today’s applications get "assembled" rather than built from scratch, software bill of materials (SBOM) becomes very important. The recent enhancements to the Snyk Developer Security Platform include documenting direct and transitive dependencies using SBOM API and CLI. There is also a free SBOM Checker tool, that needs no Snyk account.

Also, Snyk now uses Bomber to scan SBOMs for vulnerabilities. Bomber, an open-source project, pulls vulnerability information directly from the Snyk Vulnerability database.

Earlier this year, Snyk acquired TopCoat, a data analytics platform. Leveraging its capabilities, the Snyk Developer Platform offers added granularity to the vulnerability data. Users can create reports to fetch issue details, issue summaries, and risk breakdowns.

Source: SnykLaunch recap: Snyk Cloud, SBOM & reporting capabilities, and customer solutions resources | Snyk

As a side, earlier this month, New Relic announced an expansion to its partner ecosystem, Snyk being one of them. Now, users can integrate Snyk with New Relic’s native vulnerability detection. There is a quickstart from Snyk available in the New Relic catalog, sending application security vulnerabilities of users’ services into New Relic.

From the aspect of implementing Snyk products and configuring them, Snyk has announced new self-service resources. These resources include self-paced courses and a central hub for knowledge resources. For those who prefer live expertise, kickoff sessions and office hours are available for all new and existing users. Snyk also offers two professional service offerings: Snyk Accelerate and Snyk Premium.

These announcements were done at SnykLaunch 2022. For more details on Snyk’s development, readers can follow their GitHub and npm page.

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