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gopaddle, a Low Code Internal Developer Platform for MicroK8s and Edge


gopaddle is a low-code internal developer platform (IDP) for MicroK8s edge cloud. It aims to simplify and accelerate the development of edge cloud applications by providing a web-based interface to Kubernetes developers for creating, deploying, and managing applications.

Available as a MicroK8s add-on, gopaddle includes a web-based IDE, a build server, and a deployment server. The build server is responsible for compiling the code and generating Docker images, while the deployment server creates the necessary YAML files and deploys the application on the MicroK8s edge cloud. There is a self-service portal and a user-friendly UI for the ease-of-use with technical and non-technical members of the team.

In the context of MicroK8s, an add-on is a package of pre-configured Kubernetes components that can be easily enabled or disabled to extend the functionality of a MicroK8s installation. MicroK8s is "the lightweight Kubernetes" distribution, that can operate in a resource-constrained and limited connectivity environment of edge computing.

To get started, the community edition of gopaddle lite on Intel x86 architecture requires Ubuntu 18.04 (and above) or MacOS Monterey 12.6 (and above). The system resource requirements include 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, and 50 MB disk space. After following the stepwise installation instructions for the respective OS (Ubuntu or MacOS), the user must review and agree to the license agreement in the dashboard and sign up. There are quick-start wizards to deploy applications and generate pipeline code.

Source: gopaddle — A Low-Code Internal Developer Platform (IDP) for MicroK8s edge cloud

The wizards in gopaddle facilitate the deployment of applications to MicroK8s by using GitHub clone URL as an input. The wizard generates an automated script that produces Docker and Kubernetes artifacts, creates relevant Docker images, and deploys the application to MicroK8s.

Pre-built workflows and templates in gopaddle aim to speed up development. There is an integrated dashboard that provides easy monitoring and management of deployments. Developers can manage edge devices and clusters. The platform supports various programming languages - Python, Go, Node.js, PHP, Java, and .NET Core - to name a few.

Source: gopaddle — A Low-Code Internal Developer Platform (IDP) for MicroK8s edge cloud

Related to the current "infrastructure-as-code" (IaC) approach, there is also another emerging trend, "infrastructure-from-code" (IfC). With IfC, a developer can create, configure and manage cloud resources using a general-purpose programming language, without defining configuration in a custom language. According to the State of Infrastructure-from-Code 2023 report, IfC is expected to gain traction in the upcoming years.

With the capability of integration with other tools such as Slack, SNS, Jenkins, Docker Hub, and GitHub, gopaddle intends to help developers create and deploy distributed applications for Industrial IoT, 5G Networks, and so on.

Interested readers can learn more about the gopaddle platform here.

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