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InfoQ Homepage News .NET MAUI Community Toolkit 5.0.0: Enhancing User Experience with New Features and Bug Fixes

.NET MAUI Community Toolkit 5.0.0: Enhancing User Experience with New Features and Bug Fixes

The latest release of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit version 5.0.0 brings a range of new features and improvements, including enhancements to accessibility, bug fixes, and some breaking changes.

One of the most significant updates is the reintroduction of SemanticOrderView, which is ported from the Xamarin Community Toolkit. SemanticOrderView provides users with the ability to control the order of visual elements for screen readers, thus improving the accessibility of an application. This component is crucial for users who depend on screen readers to access digital content, such as those with visual impairments. The documentation for SemanticOrderView is ready for developers to explore. 

Another notable update is introduced for the FileSaverResult and FolderPickerResult. Previously, when a user canceled a file save or folder pick an action, an exception was thrown. With the new changes, these two objects provide more information and control when this happens, enabling users to manage the situation more effectively. In addition, the selection of the initial folder on Android has been fixed. 

Regarding the FileSaver API, in addition to the official release note, Gerald Versluis one of the core team members of the project has published the video named: "Save Files With Just 1 Line of Code with .NET MAUI FileSaver!". In this video, Versluis shows the usage of FileSaver API in the .NET MAUI project. 

The release note also mentions that StateContainer has received significant improvements in this version. Firstly, a bug that caused crashes has been fixed, and secondly, the introduction of StateContainer.ChangeStateWithAnimation() has enabled developers to customize the behavior or animations whenever the state changes. The documentation has been updated to reflect these changes, and developers are encouraged to check it out.

Other notable changes in the release include improvements for EmailValidationBehavior, support for custom fonts in Snackbar, and updates to the Expander and DrawingView. The Expander now supports CollectionView, while DrawingView appropriately sizes the image while using the GetImageStream() method.

This release introduces several breaking changes in this release. For example, the StateContainer.ShouldAnimateOnStateChange property has been replaced with the StateContainer.ChangeStateWithAnimation() method. Similarly, the IFileSaver.SaveAsync() and IFolderPicker.PickAsync() methods now return the FileSaverResult and FolderPickerResult objects, respectively, instead of a string.

This version also includes updates to several dependencies, such as Microsoft.Windows.SDK.BuildTools, FluentAssertions, and AutoFixture.Xunit2, Microsoft.CodeAnalysis. The docs for all the changes and features have also been updated, so developers can explore and learn how to use the new features effectively.

Overall, the latest release of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit, version 5.0.0 includes several updates aimed at improving accessibility, functionality, and user experience. The new features, such as the SemanticOrderView and the FileSaverResult, and FolderPickerResult objects, provide users with more control and flexibility when using an application. Meanwhile, the StateContainer update and bug fixes ensure that the application runs more smoothly and efficiently.

Based on all the reactions and feedback, this release has a lot of interest in the community. More details and the complete changelog for this version are now accessible through the official release notes on GitHub.

In addition, developers who are interested in tracking the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit project's roadmap and general progress can find detailed information on the official GitHub repository.

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