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InfoQ Homepage News AWS AppFabric Launched with Goal to Make SaaS Apps and Security Tooling Integration Easier

AWS AppFabric Launched with Goal to Make SaaS Apps and Security Tooling Integration Easier

Recently AWS announced the general availability (GA) of AWS AppFabric. This new no code service connects software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with security tools. AWS claim that by using AppFabric, customers can "reduce operational costs by removing custom code development and maintenance to connect these applications, while also increasing observability across application data to improve their organization’s security posture."

With AppFabric, users can easily integrate leading SaaS applications like Asana, Okta, Slack, and others supported without building and managing custom code or point-to-point integrations. Once connected, AppFabric ingests the data and normalizes disparate security data, such as user activity logs, accomplished through the company's co-founded industry-standard schema and open-source project Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF).

Automatically enriching the data with a user identifier like a corporate email address reduces security incident response time as complete user information is available for each incident. The normalized and enriched data can be seamlessly integrated into preferred security tools like, Netskope, Rapid7, Splunk, and others, enabling the establishment of consistent policies, streamlined security alerts, and simplified user access management across various applications.


Users can access AWS AppFabric through the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), and programmatically through the AppFabric API.

AWS AppFabric aims to address the challenges of integrating and managing multiple SaaS applications within organizations, which vice president of applications at AWS Dilip Kumar states in an AWS press release:

With AppFabric, customers now have a simple solution to deploy and scale the world’s most widely used applications in a way that helps organizations cut costs, increase productivity, and improve security.

In the future release of AWS AppFabric, users will be able to benefit from additional generative artificial intelligence capabilities powered by Amazon Bedrock. This service makes popular foundational models available and customizable through an API.

AWS AppFabric is currently available in the US East (N. Virginia), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) regions, with availability in additional AWS Regions coming soon. Its pricing details are available on the pricing page.

Regarding pricing Randall Hunt, a VP of cloud at @CaylentInc, tweeted:

Played around with AWS AppFabric today. It works fine. However, I think AWS missed an opportunity to disrupt pricing on tools like this. Per-user pricing puts AWS competing with everyone else in the same space. $3/user/month is good pricing but not "I'm going to switch" pricing. What if they'd done it the same way as Amazon Connect and just completely disrupted the pricing for the industry? This service costs nothing but R&D to run, yet it can drive the adoption of 10s of other services.

More details on AWS AppFabric are available in the documentation pages and FAQs.

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