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Introduction of Auth0 Templates for .NET

Auth0 Templates for .NET offers pre-built project templates with integrated Auth0 support for authentication and authorization. Current templates include ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET Core Web API, Blazor Server, and Blazor WebAssembly (hosted on ASP.NET Core) applications for the .NET 7 platform. The development process is simplified, enabling the creation of Auth0-integrated .NET projects through familiar approaches from built-in templates. The project is open-source.

The Auth0 Templates for the .NET project guarantee seamless compatibility across different development environments and operating systems. It is possible to use these templates with the preferred development tools. To install the Auth0 Templates for the .NET NuGet package, it is necessary to run the following command in a terminal window:

dotnet new install Auth0.Templates::2.0.0

Before using the Auth0 templates, some preliminary steps are required. Firstly, it is necessary to register an application with Auth0 and have all the necessary configuration settings. To integrate your application, an Auth0 account is required, which can be obtained by creating a free account. After this, it is needed to register an application or API in the Auth0 dashboard, which will provide the necessary data used when configuring an application with templates. This data includes the Auth0 domain, customer ID, customer secret key, and API ID or recipients. After obtaining this data, an application can be created using the Auth0 templates.

The templates installed with the above command are available from IDE or .NET CLI. There is a possibility to get the list of available Auth0 templates using the command:

dotnet new list auth0

After executing this command, the following list will be displayed: 

List of templates (Source: auth0 blog)

The community reacts positively to Auth0 Templates for .NET. Among others, one of the Reddit users wrote

This is great, will try it out. I combined an Auth0 template with a VS one using the React template auth0-react-netcoreapi

This is the first release of the Auth0 Templates for .NET package, but there are plans to add new templates and improve the developer experience as well. The project is open-source and the contribution policy is available. There is an opportunity to apply for the development of the tool.

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