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InfoQ Homepage News Google Expands Duet AI in Google Cloud for App Development, DevOps, and More

Google Expands Duet AI in Google Cloud for App Development, DevOps, and More

At Google Cloud Next, Google has expanded its always-on collaborator Duet AI with new features aimed at helping developers with application development, DevOps, database management and migration, data analysis and visualization, as well as cybersecurity.

Duet AI in Google Cloud provides expert assistance across your entire software development lifecycle. This includes code generation, source citation, test coverage, designing and publishing APIs, migrating and modernizing applications, and much more.

Duet AI now supports code refactoring with the aim of helping developers modernize their legacy applications. This is normally an expensive task that Duet AI makes so easy as formulating a prompt in natural language, says Google. For example, a developer could use Duet AI to migrate an existing application from C++ to Go and replace its database with Google Cloud SQL. This can be accomplished using a simple prompt like: "Convert this function to Go and use Cloud SQL".

Another new feature in Duet AI is context-aware code generation, which leverages knowledge about a company's codebase and libraries to generate specific code suggestions. This means, for example, that the generated code could use the company's classes and methods as found in their codebase.

For DevOps, Duet AI provides new capabilities to operate and manage infrastructure by helping automating deployments, enforcing correct configuration, and helping understand and debug issues.

Duet AI is also integrated with BigQuery to provide contextual assistance to write SQL and Python code to access and analyze data. Additionally, it makes it possible to generate vector embeddings in BigQuery to build semantic searches and recommendation queries.

Besides BigQuery, Duet AI can work with relational databases such as Cloud Spanner, AlloyDB, and Cloud SQL and generate code to structure, modify, or query data based on a prompt in natural language. Furthermore, it can drive Google Database Migration Service to help automate code conversion for cases such as stored procedures, functions, triggers, packages, and custom PL/SQL code.

As a final note about Duet AI new features, it is now possible to summarize and classify vulnerability information and provide suggestions as to how to remediate security issues.

Duet AI is available in Google Cloud console, Cloud Workstations and Cloud Shell Editor, as well as in external IDEs through Cloud Code IDE extensions. Supported IDEs include VSCode, CLion, GoLand, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Rider, and WebStorm.

While Duet AI is still in preview, Google said its general availability will come later this year.

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