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InfoQ Homepage News AWS Announces the Preview of Amazon CodeWhisperer Customization Capability

AWS Announces the Preview of Amazon CodeWhisperer Customization Capability


Amazon Web Services has announced the preview of Amazon CodeWhisperer Customization Capability. This new functionality empowers users to fine-tune CodeWhisperer, enabling it to provide more precise suggestions by incorporating an organization's proprietary APIs, internal libraries, classes, methods, and industry best practices.

For developers, the ability to write good code is crucial. However, the majority of currently available AI coding assistants are mostly trained on open-source software, which limits their ability to make unique recommendations based on an organization's internal libraries and APIs. Due to this limitation, developers now have to deal with a variety of challenges, such as successfully utilizing internal libraries and ensuring code security, especially when dealing with large codebases.

The customization feature of Amazon CodeWhisperer is made to tackle these problems head-on. With this new function, developers who pay for the Amazon CodeWhisperer Professional tier will be able to get real-time code recommendations that are specific to the internal libraries, APIs, packages, classes, and methods of their company.

Additionally, this function guarantees the highest level of protection for the personal repositories. Administrators of CodeWhisperer have the authority to choose particular repositories for modification while tightly regulating access. Furthermore, they may effectively manage access using the AWS Management Console, limiting it to authorized developers, and decide which customizations to enable.

Adam Selipsky CEO of AWS, noted on X:

This will save developers time and help them get more relevant code recommendations than ever before.

Amazon CodeWhisperer customization capability also follows the supported IDEs as part of AWS Toolkit by Amazon CodeWhisperer, such as Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ JetBrains, and AWS Cloud9. This feature also provides support for most popular programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C#.

AI-powered coding assistants like Amazon CodeWhisperer and GitHub Copilot give developers new levels of productivity and flexibility. In contrast to CodeWhisperer, which focuses on customization and lets businesses tailor code recommendations based on their own internal APIs and libraries, GitHub Copilot makes use of sizable open-source code repositories to offer insightful code recommendations.

CodeWhisperer Customization Capability is currently in the preview stage, accessible in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS region. Information regarding pricing will be disclosed upon its general availability.

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