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InfoQ Homepage News Polly v8 .NET Resilience Library: Resilience Pipelines, Built-in Telemetry, and More

Polly v8 .NET Resilience Library: Resilience Pipelines, Built-in Telemetry, and More

Polly v8 is officially released. The latest release of the .NET resilience and transient-fault-handling library brings enhancements such as resilience pipelines, built-in telemetry support, and changes within the configuration for individual resilience strategies. 

The Polly v8 resilience pipelines enable the blending of one or more resilience strategies. This is now integrated seamlessly into the core API, and all strategies start with a pipeline. Polly v8 unified interfaces like ISyncPolicy, IAsyncPolicy, and others under ResiliencePipeline and ResiliencePipeline<T>, effortlessly supporting asynchronous and synchronous flows.  

The new version of Polly also completed the support for static APIs. This change enhances extensibility and testability while preserving simplicity and ease of use. 

Built-in telemetry support provides user insight and analytics right out of the box. All built-in resilience strategies can generate telemetry data. 

Additional improvements included an options-based configuration for individual resilience strategies or renaming a keyword policy into a strategy. Furthermore, Polly v8 is designed with native asynchronous support from the get-go, enabling more efficient async operations. 

Polly is a very appreciated library in the community. Developers recognise its speed and flexibility. There is no difference after the last release. Below the Joel Hulen’s post on LinkedIn, Brian Seebacher left a comment

Outstanding work, Joel! Thanks to you and the team for delivering a massive level-up to one of the cornerstone libraries for the .NET ecosystem.

The library in the latest version can be installed via the new Polly.Core NuGet package. However, if a project is not ready to transition existing resilience policies to v8, the v7 API is still available and supported even when using the v8 version by referencing the Polly package

The latest documentation is available on the official website of the Polly project. 

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