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WildFly 30 Application Server Gets Ready for JDK 21

WildFly, an application server written in Java and developed and maintained by Red Hat, released its latest version 30 in October 2023. The key focus of this release was to prepare for the latest LTS Java version 21.

This release also includes a new feature to configure the "max-read-page-bytes" parameter in the messaging-activemq subsystem.

Other changes include dependency upgrades of Galleon to 5.2.1.Final and Galleon plugins to 6.5.0.Final, Hibernate ORM to 6.2.12.Final, Hibernate Search to 6.2.1.Final, JGroups to 5.2.17.Final, Apache Artemis to 2.31.0 and several minor upgrades and bug fixes.

WildFly 30 is a compatible Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile implementation running on Java SE 21. It also passes Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs) for Jakarta EE 10 Platform, Core Profile and Web Profile when running on Java SE 11 and Java SE 17. WildFly first introduced support for Jakarta EE in version 27, released in November 2022, and has remained compatible since then.

Additionally, WildFly successfully passes the TCKs for the MicroProfile 6.0 specifications when running on Java SE 21. However, WildFly cannot claim to be a compatible implementation as it doesn't support MicroProfile Metrics. WildFly removed support for MicroProfile Metrics and introduced Micrometer in version 28.

While WildFly 30 is not fully compatible with MicroProfile 6.0, it does offer support for several MicroProfile technologies, namely MicroProfile JWT Authentication 2.1, MicroProfile Config 3.0, MicroProfile Rest Client 3.0, etc. Implementations of these specifications are available in three configurations (default, full and microprofile). See section "MicroProfile" in the release notes.

WildFly recommends that developers use Java SE 17 for execution since it represents the latest LTS version on which WildFly has conducted a comprehensive set of tests. Although WildFly 30 is thoroughly tested with Java SE 11, this or the next release will be the last to support it as the focus is shifting to newer versions of Java.

Developers considering Java SE 21 for their applications should use version 30 as their evaluation platform, WildFly suggests.

Another significant change in this release includes moving WildFly core and WildFly main source code to the Apache Software License 2.0. Note that WildFly integrates with several other components and libraries that operate on different licensing models. Developers and users can read the licensing information provided in the WildFly installation.

WildFly announced changes to their release schedule earlier this year, with new versions now set to be released in January, April, July, and October. WildFly tentatively plans to release its next version, WildFly 31, in January 2024, based on this delivery model.

To learn more about WildFly 30, check out their documentation and news. WildFly and WildFly Preview 30.0.0.Final releases are available for download.

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