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InfoQ Homepage News Intuitive Application Resource Management with myApplications in the AWS Management Console

Intuitive Application Resource Management with myApplications in the AWS Management Console

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AWS recently announced at its re:Invent conference the general availability of myApplications. myApplications in the AWS Management Console can help customers manage and monitor the cost, health, security posture, and performance of their applications on AWS more effectively.

The myApplications feature is accessible for users on the Console Home, where they can access an Applications widget that lists the applications in an account. In addition, they can generate applications linking resources in their AWS accounts within the console using the new Create Application wizard. The applications they create will automatically appear in myApplications, allowing users to conveniently manage and take action on them.

Screenshot myApplications in the Console Home (Source: AWS News Blog)

Upon selecting an application in the Applications widget on the console, users gain access to a comprehensive overview of key application metrics in the application's dashboard, facilitating the identification of issues and optimization of their applications.

Channy Yun, a principal developer advocate for AWS, writes:

With a single action on the applications dashboard, you can dive deeper to act on specific resources in the relevant services, such as Amazon CloudWatch for application performance, AWS Cost Explorer for cost and usage, and AWS Security Hub for security findings.

Several widgets are available, such as the Compute widget, which summarizes application compute resources, and the Monitoring and Operations widget, which displays alarms and alerts for resources associated with an application, service level objectives (SLOs), and standardized application performance metrics from CloudWatch Application Signals.

In addition, another widget, the Cost and usage widget, visualizes the AWS resource costs and usage from AWS Cost Explorer, including the application’s current and forecasted month-end costs, top five billed services, and a monthly application resource cost trend chart.

Andrii Melashchenko, a cloud architect and AWS community builder, stated in a LinkedIn post:

Huge shout out to Werner Vogels for announcing myApllication dashboard to measure #cost, #health, and #performance!

For your Bosses, you can now:

1. Show that your Cloud native architecture cost ~100$ :)

2. Apply for rearchitecting budget to move cost to ~1$

AWS’s biggest competitors, Microsoft and Google, currently do not offer the same capability directly in the Azure portal or GCP Console. Within Azure, users can look independently at various services like cost management and advisor. Likewise, the same applies for Google.

Lastly, the myApplications capability is currently available in the following AWS regions: US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (N. California, Oregon), South America (São Paulo), Asia Pacific (Hyderabad, Jakarta, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm), and Middle East (Bahrain) regions.

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