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Google Cloud Launches Security Command Center Enterprise

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Google Cloud has launched Security Command Center (SSC) Enterprise, a cloud risk management solution that offers proactive cloud security with enterprise security operations. The solution helps customers manage and mitigate risk across multi-cloud environments and is enhanced by Mandiant expertise.

The Security Command Center Enterprise is built on a company's security infrastructure and designed to eliminate silos between cloud security and enterprise security operations by integrating critical response capabilities of modern SecOps with Mandiant threat intelligence. This enables organizations to prioritize cloud risk management, identify and address high-risk issues, and ensure the safety of multi-cloud environments.

Overview of SSC Enterprise (Source: Google blog post)

Security Command Center Enterprise integrates Mandiant Hunt, providing access to elite analysts and researchers who can augment internal security operations teams. This on-demand human expertise proactively identifies elusive threats that traditional mechanisms may miss, bridging the skills gap and minimizing the necessity for costly talent acquisition and specialized tooling investments.

In addition, Generative AI has been integrated to simplify the cloud security lifecycle for experts and less-experienced users, from identification to remediation.

Sunil Potti, a VP/GM for Google Cloud Security, writes:

Our new solution can help organizations imagine a new reality, one where Security information and event management (SIEM -powered visibility and Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)-driven actionability is now brought into the world of cloud security. Security teams can get a single view of their posture controls, active threats, cloud identities, data, and more, while integrating remediation and issue accountability into the end-to-end workflows of a converged cloud risk management platform.

Other hyperscalers like Microsoft have security offerings, such as Google’s Security Command Center with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native solution that offers SIEM and SOAR. Moreover, it includes Fusion a correlation engine based on scalable machine learning algorithms to automatically detect multistage attacks (also known as advanced persistent threats or APT) by identifying combinations of anomalous behaviors and suspicious activities observed at various stages of the kill chain.

Sarbeet Johal, a technology analyst, tweeted:

My POV, in future, technology and/service providers which possess best security portfolio will start winning more and more mindshare thus expanding their marketshare.

More details on Google Security Command Center are available on the documentation pages and Google Cloud Skillset.

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