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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: AOP - Myths and Realities

Presentation: AOP - Myths and Realities

This InfoQ video talk, recorded at NoFluffJustStuff, goes beyond myths surrounding AOP and shows the real deal. It examines many practical applications implemented with and without aspects, providing a context for scrutinizing AOP. It also discusses ways to adopt AOP in pragmatic, risk-managed ways allowing developers to try AOP in their own system and gain understanding at the experiential level without exposing them to undue risk.

Watch AOP - Myths and Realities (82 minutes).

Author, speaker, consultant, and trainer, Ramnivas Laddad has been developing complex software systems using technologies such as Java, J2EE, AspectJ, UML, networking, and XML for over a decade. Ramnivas is an active member of the AspectJ community and has been involved with aspect-oriented programming from its early form. Ramnivas this year joined the Spring Interface 21 team, and will be speaking at The Spring Experience.

Ramnivas is also doing a training: Core AOP: Simplifying Enterprise Application Development with AOP in Novebemer in Washington.

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