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InfoQ Homepage News ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 released today

ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 released today


Microsoft announces immediate availability of ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 which represents a significant number of improvements from previously available public builds.  Scott Guthrie provides an overview of the release of in a blog posting.

There are a number of significant improvements included in this release:

  • The JavaScript closure-based classes were removed and replaced with prototype-defined classes to lower memory usage.
  • Safari support was added with a promise to suppor Opera in the future.
  • Much improved support for debugging in Visual Studio 2005.
  • An improved JavaScript automated build environment
  • A host of improvements to the UpdatePanel.
  • Performance work to optimize the javascript call-backs to reduce network traffic.

New with this release, Microsoft is splitting the download into 3 parts:

  1. ASP.NET Ajax Core - the core sdk.
  2. ASP.NET AJAX Value-Add - collection of higher level features.
  3. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit - collection of 28 free AJAX-enabled controls whose source is maintained on CodePlex.

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