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Buildix: Agile Java Toolset on a Disk

Today the Thoughtworks Buildix team of Chris Read, Julian Simpson, Tom Sulston released Buildix version 1.1.

Leveraging their considerable experience with configuring Agile development servers in enterprise environments, the team has created an easy-to-install combo of Continuous Integration, Source Control, a Wiki and a Bug-Tracker to support a Java-based Agile Software Development project.  They call it "an Agile development platform on a disk".

Buildix is simply a new Linux distribution based on KNOPPIX (which in turn is based on Debian), which has a full software development project set up and ready to use, with the following components pre-installed and configured. (The project's site includes pointers to more info on these components.)
  • CruiseControl (Continuous Integration)
  • Subversion (Source Control)
  • Trac (Wiki, Bug-Tracker and general Project Management)
  • Ant
  • Tomcat
  • Apache
The distribution includes a simple sample project, an example of one way to organise a build process to make use of all these tools.

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