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InfoQ Homepage News CruiseControl.Net 1.1 Released

CruiseControl.Net 1.1 Released

The team behind CruiseControl.Net has released version 1.1. CrusieControl.Net provides continuous integration capabilities for .NET developers. A cornerstone of Agile development, continuous integration is used to ensure that team members stay in sync and the integration issues are discovered early. This marks the first major release of CuriseControl.Net in nearly a year.

Several new features are available in this release. The highlighted ones include:

  • Log4Net is used with a rolling logfile appender for logging CCNet build server output. 
  • Users can use CCTray to volunteer to fix a broken build. 
  • section allows custom tasks to run prior to build. This allows clean up operations to run before the build starts. 
  • Caching is used in WebDashboard to reducing loading time of build reports. 
  • Build statistics are available through the CCWebDashboard. 
  • WebDashboard provides an interface for stopping and starting CCNet projects. 
  • Alienbrain source control provider is now supported.

The 1.0 versions of the CruiseControl client applications, CCTray and CCWebDashboard, are not compatible with this release. Updated versions are available. For more information on this and a complete list of features and bug fixes, see the release notes.

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