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InfoQ Homepage News Team Edition for Database Professionals ("DataDude") CTP 5 Released

Team Edition for Database Professionals ("DataDude") CTP 5 Released

Microsoft has released the 5th Community Tech Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, Microsoft's new database development product designed for managing all database change.  Team Data for short, or codename "DataDude", is the first Microsoft tool to provide automatic support for database unit testing, generating test data, and refactoring.  For example, an object name change in Team Data can propogate to all stored procedures that reference that object.

Straight from the docs: Team Edition for Database Professionals helps you perform the following high-level tasks:
  • Create and deploy a new database under version control.
  • Put an existing database under version control, either by importing the schema from a database or by running existing scripts.
  • Modify an offline representation of a database and then deploy the changes.
  • Compare schemas or data between databases.
  • Develop and run unit tests against database objects.
  • Generate predictable, representative test data without compromising sensitive production data.
  • Rename database tables, columns, views, or other objects and propagate those changes to the rest of the database project, which includes associated unit tests, views, stored procedures, triggers, and so on.
  • Create, edit, validate, execute, and analyze scripts and queries.
According to "DataDude" development manager Gert Drapers, the team is planning one more CTP before release.

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