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InfoQ Homepage News Database Regression Testing: Isn't It Time to Bring Quality to Data Management?

Database Regression Testing: Isn't It Time to Bring Quality to Data Management?


In Database Regression Testing I argue that databases are often a central part of the overall information technology infrastructure with most organizations. Although developers and database administrators (DBAs) may argue over whether it is the best way to build systems, a fact of life is that mission-critical business functionality is often implemented in stored procedures and triggers within the database. The importance of your databases is further exemplified by the fact that data is an important corporate asset. Clearly your organization should have a realistic regression testing strategy in place to ensure the quality of both your databases and the data within them. Your organization does have such a strategy, doesn't it?

My experience is that database testing must be performed at two levels: Internally within the database itself and at the interface level where you put data into the database and retrieve it from the database. Both categories of testing are crucial to your success.  DB regression testing helps to improve data quality and enables evolutionary database development techniques such as database refactoring.

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