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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: EJB 3 Essential Glossary

InfoQ Article: EJB 3 Essential Glossary

InfoQ is hosting an EJB 3.0 glossary of new terms and API elements introduced in EJB 3. It explains buzzwords like Inversion of Control (IoC), Configuration by Exception, POJO, POJI, Dependency Injection etc, etc. The glossary is an ongoing work in progress.  The authors Oliver Ihns (EJB 3 expert group member), and Stefan M. Heldt will be continually making updates to it over time, so feel free to check back and also contribute new terms to in this thread.

Check out the  EJB 3.0 Glossary.

The authors maintain a version in German on their site, and they are also co-authors of a German-language EJB book.

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