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InfoQ Homepage News Eclipse 3.2 & Callisto Now Available for Download

Eclipse 3.2 & Callisto Now Available for Download

Callisto, the Eclipse simultaneous release of Eclipse 3.2 final as well as 10 sub projects is now available for download.  The goal of the simultaneous release is to eliminate uncertainity about project version numbers, and cross-project compatibility. The milestone also coordinates and organizes the different development groups together (see InfoQ's Eclipse, an Agile success story).  Each of the sub projects were required to ensure that they work with the other projects, have jar'd plugins, use Eclipse Message bundles, their own update sites, consistent version numbers, etc.  

The final Eclipse 3.2 distribution (the core IDE) should contain the "Callisto Discovery Site" defined in its Update Manager from which you can download all the sub projects.  The Eclipse 3.2 binaries just became available this Friday late afternoon.  You can also see the latest release and roadmaps at the Callisto discovery site, and see also the quick download screencast.

The Callisto simultaneous release includes the following sub-projects:
See related Eclipse news on InfoQ at:  Eclipse 3.2 includes a number of new refactoring and IDE features, see the new and noteworthy.

Updated July 1st: Eclipse leader Bjorn Freemason-Benson has also blogged about another "cooler" way to download Eclipse, Yoxos Eclipse on Demand is an ajax-driven web app for "selecting and building a custom zip download from a wide selection of plug-ins (more than just the official ones). Technically, Eclipse on Demand is an Eclipse server-side application using a pre-release of the Rich AJAX Platform to surface the application widgets onto your web browser."

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