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InfoQ Homepage News Using the Eclipse IDE to develop Ruby applications

Using the Eclipse IDE to develop Ruby applications


Tareq Iqbal has written a great overview and walkthrough of using the popular Eclipse IDE for Ruby development. Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs currently used and many Java developers will already be familiar with it. Its cross-platform support makes it an ideal environment for development teams working across different architectures. Eclipse also has strong plug-in support and a number of Ruby plugins are available.

Iqbal walks through the installation of Eclipse before moving on to installing and configuring the Ruby plugin. Screenshots are included for each of the major steps, making this an ideal 'get up and running' guide, particularly if you want to show other developers how to set up Eclipse.

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  • RadRails - Eclipse Based IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails Development

    by Jeff Carlson,

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    I tried the plug-in mentioned above and found it lacking in a number of areas. Someone pointed me towards RadRails at and I got a great Ruby environment as well as a great Rails environment. And of course it is all based on Eclipse as well. I found this to be a great environment to work in and would recommend it. Saves you from having to buy a Mac PowerBook so you can use the editor and plugins that you see in most of the screencast demos of Rails :)

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