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InfoQ Homepage News Excelsior Jet JVM/Precompiler version 4.5 Released

Excelsior Jet JVM/Precompiler version 4.5 Released

Excelsior Jet, a JVM with Ahead-Of-Time compiler has been updated to verision 4.5. Jet precompiles JVM byte code to native X86 instructions. Precompilation removes the overhead of bytecode interpretation. Compiled Java code also does not contain the same information as bytecode which prevents easy decompilation. According to Excelsior's website Jet compiled applications are also often significantly smaller in size.

New features included in version 4.5:

  • Support for Java SE 5.0 Update 6 (1.5.0_06)
  • Application Download Size Reductions
  • Rebranding Support for the Excelsior Installer
  • Excelsior Installer for Linux Support
  • JIT Compilation Now 3-5x Faster

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