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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Newsletter is now being sent out

InfoQ Newsletter is now being sent out

InfoQ is now sending out a weekly newsletter by email. To get the newsletter, just register to the site if you're not yet a member and click the 'newsletter' checkbox. The newsletter is a quick and easy way to keep up to date with all new content and major headlines on the site.

At the moment it is unpersonalized and fairly static (like most newsletters out there) but has a clean interface and occassionally includes some summaries of interesting discussions from the site.  Eventually it will also offer personalization capabilities such as only showing headlines from the communities you are subscribed to, lists of discussions you are involved in, last 5 articles you viewed, and even notices if someone replied to a post you made that you haven't answered yet.

We have started sending our newsletter out last week on the 28th and the next one goes out tomorrow the 5th.  If you are signed up and havn't received it, email bugs at If you are not signed up, please register to InfoQ using the 'register' link on the left side of the homepage.


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