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InfoQ Homepage News JBoss Releases JBPM Orchestration Beta

JBoss Releases JBPM Orchestration Beta

The JBoss jBPM team presents the release of jBPM BPEL 1.1.Beta2 , a web services orchestration offering. It is the final beta version before the GA release in October. JBoss jBPM is a platform for multiple process languages supporting workflow, BPM, and process orchestration. Today, JBoss jBPM supports two process languages:
  • jPDL is a process lanaguage to implement BPM and workflow in Java. jPDL combines human task management with workflow process constructs that can be built in Java applications.
  • BPEL provides process orchestration which is the abililty to combine web services into a process execution flow. BPEL 1.1 support is in Beta Test and not currently supported in the JBoss Subscription. BPEL will be added to the JBoss jBPM Subscription in the future.

With WS-BPEL 2.0 entering public review (on September 10th, 2006), JBoss enabled the jBPM system to read documents in the 1.1 format, but retains the 2.0 semantics, for future-proofing.

JBoss provides an interesting demo that shows the jBPM Graphical Process Designer (GPD) and creates a simple process definition. The demo shows most of the main features of the GPD as well as how to deploy the created process to the jBPM server. Lastly, it uses the jBPM default web application to do a test drive of this deployed process.

The demo was created using the 3.0.3 release of the jBPM Starter's Kit, which includes jBPM 3.0.3 and GPD 3.0.9. Click here to start the demo. JBoss also provides an informative webinar.

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