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InfoQ Homepage News New Blinq Prototype Generates ASP.NET CRUD site

New Blinq Prototype Generates ASP.NET CRUD site

Polita Paulus, a developer on the ASP.NET team last week posted Blinq to the sandbox. Blinq is a LINQ-based prototype for generating a CRUD data access layer and fully functional ASP.NET front end web application with sorting, paging, and relationship navigation.  You don't need to write any code or SQL to get the app to work. Blinq requires the May LINQ Community Tech Preview to access data. Blinq generates C# or VB code.

The Blinq tool autogenerates web forms from database schema which enable the following by default:

  • Select, insert, update, and delete functionality
  • Details and foreign key navigation
  • Sorting and Pagination of records
  • A default style and design which provide a consistent layout
The Linq project page on MSDN also has a lot of useful resources.

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