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InfoQ Homepage News RubyForIIS Makes Ruby Easier on Microsoft's IIS

RubyForIIS Makes Ruby Easier on Microsoft's IIS

RubyForIIS is a new package, currently in beta, designed to make installing Ruby and Rails on Windows servers using IIS easier. Boris Leenaars, founder of the RubyForIIS project, is aiming to produce a package that will set up Ruby correctly to work with FastCGI (and, in the future, SCGI) and MySQL, and provide a consistent installation system for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 server. This will be particularly ideal for Windows system administrators who aren't au fait with Ruby and Rails.

About the project, Boris says:

The purpose of the RubyOnIIS project is to create a consistent setup procedure and helper applications to make life easier when trying to get Ruby on Rails running together with the Microsoft Internet Information Server, a.k.a. IIS.

Boris is continuing to work on the system and has plans to develop a more wizard-like installation process for more aspects of the system in the near future.

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