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SOA Hot or Not


Jeff Schneider of MomentumSI, on his blog remarks on what's hot and what's not in SOA.

Discussing REST style services [NOT]
Building REST style services [HOT]

Debating the merits of UDDI [NOT]
Building out your service taxonomy [HOT]

I.T. doing SOA without business alignment [NOT]
Business driven SOA [HOT]

Implementing proprietary mediation tools [NOT]
Implementing standards based, federated mediation tools [HOT]

Designing one-off WSDL's [NOT]
Performing Service Oriented Information Engineering [HOT]

Debating the definition of SOA [NOT]
Creating a strategy and plan to take advantage of SOA [HOT]

Forcing last-gen object oriented methods on a SOA world [NOT]
Updating the SDLC to take advantage of SOA [HOT]

Web 2.0 as a means to create community [NOT]
Web 2.0 as SOA composition strategy [HOT]

SOA product company evangelists [NOT]
War stories from SOA trench

Blogging about SOA [NOT]
Doing SOA [HOT]

Interestingly, Joe McKendrick, prolific SOA Blogger for ZDNet added his own list

Hot: Large vendors buying up specialized SOA vendors (editor's note: IBM buys Webify a good example)
Not: Large vendors creating their own SOA solutions

Hot: Open-source stack (editor's note: WSO2 Tungsten Commercially Supported WS Stack)
Not: Paying retail for software

Hot: Software as a Service
Not: Software without service 

Hot: Customized applications
Not: Packaged applications 

Hot: Legacy integration
Not: Reinventing the wheel

Hot: ESBs (editor's note: InfoQ ESB Roundup part two discusses this)
Not: ESBs (editor's note: InfoQ ESB Roundup part one)

Hot: WS-Security
Not: WS-AnythingElseThatComplicatesOurLives

Hot: Speculation about the pairing of business process management and SOA
Not: Brad and Angelina — who the heck cares?

Anyone in the InfoQ community want to add to this list?

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