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InfoQ Homepage News ScrumWorks Release 1.7.0 adds Tagging

ScrumWorks Release 1.7.0 adds Tagging

ScrumWorks is a well-accepted Java application, with optional browser client, built to help Scrum teams with tracking and planning.  Developed by practicing ScrumMasters as a commercial product, last year Danube Technologies dropped the license fee, making it freely available to the Scrum Community.

Until now, users were restricted to entering data in pre-programmed columns, a limitation for those working with hybrid toolsets, as there was no dedicated place to capture tool cross-reference data - bug tracker IDs, departmental backlog IDs, etc.

Now, with the "themes" feature, in ScrumWorks release 1.7.0, users can tag backlog items (stories) with multiple descriptors, allowing filtering for ease of viewing. In addition to tool cross-reference IDs, tagging could identify featuresets, product groups, customers, story types (bug, enhancement) etc.  Less attractive, perhaps, than customer-defined columns, but an elegant, flexible solution with lots of possibilities.

Other changes in this release include:
  • Added ability to work on Backlog Items from different Releases in a Sprint.
  • Option to hide past Sprints.
  • New installations include sample products.
  • Desktop client bug fixes.
  • Easy to use backup procedure.
  • and more.
Unlike simpler Scrum tools, ScrumWorks can handle many team scenarios:
  • Single team working on a single project
  • Single team working on single product and multiple releases simultaneously
  • Single team working on many projects
  • Multiple teams working on a single project
  • Multiple teams working on many projects
In keeping with the Scrum process, Danube accepts feature requests and bug reports from end users, incorporating them into their development release schedule.

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