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InfoQ Homepage News Pulse Continuous Integration Server 1.1 Released

Pulse Continuous Integration Server 1.1 Released

Zutubi has recently announced Pulse 1.1. Pulse is a continuous integration server for building an testing your project's souce code. It supports a number of build frameworks (ant, maven, etc) and SCM servers (CVS, Perforce, Subversion, etc).  Pulse includes common continuous integration server features such as:


  • Capturing of Build Artifacts - Files, HTML Reports, etc
  • Build Notifications - Jabber, IM, RSS, Email
  • Build History
  • Test Reporting

Version 1.1 adds a number of new features:


  • Distributed builds: pulse supports multi-platform and parallel testing across multiple agents controlled from a single master.
  • Real time build logs: auto-updating real time build logs
  • Changelist isolation: an option to ensure each build contains at most one source code change.
  • LDAP integration: authenticate and optionally add users via LDAP. * Linking: link from commit messages and/or changelists to other applications (e.g. your bug tracker, Fisheye).
  • Dependent projects: trigger builds of dependent projects when a project build completes.
  • Incremental builds: manage large projects using incremental builds.
  • Source code tagging: tag built revisions with static or moving tags.
  • Streamlined Windows setup: via Windows installers and support for running as a Windows service.
  • Xcode support: built in commands and post-processing for Xcode projects.
  • Improved interface: updated dashboard, build detail view, etc

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