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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft releases Expression Web Beta 1

Microsoft releases Expression Web Beta 1

Microsoft has released Expresson Web Beta 1, their professional web design product which is meant to fill the roll of FrontPage, which is being retired.  Promised features include standards-based web sites, sophisticated CSS-based layouts, extensive CSS formatting and management. The style management features look particularly promising.

Expression Web will not include Front Page Server Extensions (FPSE) and bots. While not being removed entirely, they will only be available on upgraded FrontPage sites that already use them. For new projects, you will get pure, clean HTML and CSS. Even deployment will be done via non-proprietary protocols like FTP. For more information on the transition from FPSE, check out Erik Saltwell's web log.

Microsoft has traditionally offered those little extras to encourage you to stay with a Windows server and this is no exception. Web Expressions offers support for ASP.NET, including master pages, server-side controls, and no-code data-binding. It even includes the ASP.NET Development Server, allowing you to preview pages locally without installing a web server.

Expression Web Beta 1 can be downloaded on the Free Trial page. It requires .NET 2.0 and you may have to remove all other Office 2007 betas.

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