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InfoQ Homepage News A 30 Minute Flex Test Drive for Java Developers

A 30 Minute Flex Test Drive for Java Developers

In response to comments from an earlier piece on how Flex can transform the user experience of the web, Christophe Coenraets, a Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe, has written a 30 minute Flex test drive for Java developers. The test drive explores the minimal effort needed to deploy a WAR file with a Flex client application on a JEE server communicating with a Java back-end.

Example WAR's are included for Tomcat and generic JEE application servers. The test drive first covers accessing data using an http service, a web service, and Java RPC. It then shifts gears to explore the Flex code used for presenting the data retrieved. Next the more advanced topics of publish/subscribe messaging and data synchronization between Flex client are discussed. Finally, the test drive showcases Flex's support for displaying data in richer forms such as charts and video.

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