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InfoQ Homepage News Screencast Gets You Up To Speed With REST on Rails in 90 Minutes

Screencast Gets You Up To Speed With REST on Rails in 90 Minutes


Geoffrey Grosenbach, a renowned trainer and Rails blogger (at Nuby on Rails), has released the latest episode in his Peepcode Rails screencast series. The screencast is about 85 minutes long and comes with the code used in the screencast in an archive file. Grosenbach covers the gamut of knowledge about REST on Rails and walks through the development of an application.

REST (Representation State Transfer) is being championed by the core development team of Ruby on Rails as the next major step forwards. REST is expected to become a significant part of the forthcoming Rails 1.2 release with its focus on HTTP verbs and working in a more logical way between URLs and data actions. Grosenbach's video offers leading Ruby on Rails developers a quick way to get up to speed, as well as see how a top Rails developer solves REST-related problems.

Previous episodes of Peepcode have included TextMate Basics for Rails and RJS Templates.

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