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InfoQ Homepage News System.Data.SQLite to Support ADO.NET vNext

System.Data.SQLite to Support ADO.NET vNext

SQLite is a lightweight database engine written in C. Designed to be cross-platform, it doesn’t have any external dependencies and only takes about 250 KB of disk space. Though it doesn’t support all of SQL92, it is suitable for smaller projects, especially ones that need cross-platform support. And to top it all off, the source code is in the public domain.

One of the biggest features of SQLite is its wide range of drivers. The driver’s page reads like a veritable who’s who of programming languages. One not to miss is System.Data.SQLite. Their current release version claims to already fully implement the new ADO.Net 2.0 features. Going above and beyond many other providers, System.Data.SQLite even has design time support in Visual Studio via the Server Explorer.

What’s more interesting is that they are not resting on their laurels. Though LINQ and ADO.Net Entity Framework is still at least a year away, they already have an alpha version that supports them both. This kind of dedication makes System.Data.SQLite a good bet for your future small-scale database needs. 

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