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InfoQ Homepage News TIBCO Licenses Systinet Registry

TIBCO Licenses Systinet Registry


EAI vendor TIBCO has announced an agreement to resell Systinet's UDDI registry, making it the third major vendor to do so after BEA and Oracle. (Note that the registry is not the same product as the Systinet 2 repository platform — while a registry manages references to artifacts, a repository stores them.) TIBCO will also join the Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF), one of the competing initiatives who aim to improve their products' interoperability by agreeing on how to use a registry to manage their metadata.

Systinet is a division of Mercury, which has been acquired by HP in July.

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Community comments

  • TIBCO have UDDI, that'll change the world - NOT

    by John Davies,

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    I imagine this is just so that TIBCO can get a tick in UDDI box on RFPs.

    I can't see UDDI being much use in their domain though.


  • More than UDDI

    by Stefan Tilkov,

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    I can imagine that for a checkbox feature, Systinet's registry is clearly a far too expensive option -- while a plain UDDI server is not very hard to do, a good one is much, much harder.

  • Re: More than UDDI

    by miko matsumura,

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    Systinet registry is a good UDDI registry in my view, but it's only a registry (no repository, no governance). I guess I'd be interested in how you define a "Good UDDI registry" and what makes one UDDI registry better than another.

    If you were looking for the more expensive option, you would likely be thinking of the Systinet 2 "Blizzard" platform (has repository components and governance components). Repository and Governance are much more differentiated areas imho.

    Therefore, I think TIBCO's solution is only the registry and is therefore a checkbox.

    Full disclosure, I work at Infravio which competes with Systinet which is owned by webMethods which competes with TIBCO.


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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p


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