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InfoQ Homepage News WebORB - Easily Makes Rails Models Accessible to Flex / Flash

WebORB - Easily Makes Rails Models Accessible to Flex / Flash

WebORB is a new Rails plugin by The Midnight Coders that makes implementing services with Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex (or Flash Remoting) easy. Flex is rapidly becoming a popular option for the front-end for Rails applications in the enterprise with its consistent UI, wide range of dynamic controls, and the widespread acceptance of Macromedia Flash. As opposed to typical HTML and Javascript technologies, Flex UIs work consistently between browsers and are especially useful for intranets or internal applications.

WebORB is a plugin facilitating easy connectivity between existing Rails models and Flex clients and can be installed on both Unix and Windows based operating systems. Flex applications can connect to Rails applications and invoke methods on any Ruby class within the application using the mx:RemoteObject tag. Classes can be registered in an XML file so they can be called via RPC. This makes WebORB a great technology to investigate if you're considering moving an existing application over to using Flex technology on the front-end.

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